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What Types Of Google Adwords Campaigns Is Best Suited For Your Business

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Google Ads is the most important online advertising platform to date. In it, you can easily reach your target audience and promote both your brand, products, or services. It is the perfect resource to increase your visibility quickly, get more traffic to the web, get more business opportunities, or generate more sales.

However, to make the most of this tool, it is necessary to know what kind of campaigns we can carry out in Google Adwords optimize services (ทํา google adwords which is the term in Thai).

Types Of Google Campaigns

Search Network Campaign

These types of campaigns are the most used because of their simplicity and efficiency. These are text ads that are displayed in the top positions of Google search results.

They can be easily confused with organic results, although the word “Ad” appears in green, and they usually have extensions, characteristics that we will talk about later.

Advertising Campaign On The Google Adwords Display Network

If the objective of our campaign is to achieve reach, visibility, and branding, nothing better than to carry out a campaign on the Google display network.

Our ads will appear on websites associated with the display network. That is, in other web pages, with a specific theme or that fit the profile of our user.

Campaign For Application Promotion

The applications sector has experienced strong growth. This has been a great competition, which has saturated application stores. Therefore, to highlight our app and encourage its download, especially at the time of launch, it has become essential to carry out a universal Google Adwords application campaign, or a display campaign aimed at mobile applications.

Gmail Campaigns

Although these types of ads are not well known, we can also create campaigns in Gmail. These ads appear at the top of the inbox of this mail manager.

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