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What Are The Advantages of Android Based Applications

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The Android world has established a remarkable development as per the user’s base and applications. Some Android applications and programming companies have developed effective applications in this industry. In comparison to iOS, Android is the most utilized operating system. Many of the concepts are initially new in this operating system and the developed applications are unsafe to https defects. Listed below are the advantages that you get from Android-based applications. 

Advantages of Android-based Applications

Multitasking: Android based application development performs multiple tasks at one time. So a user can utilize two or more than two applications for doing something. This makes them play online games and listen to the songs possible. If you want to know more about online games, have a peek here

Alerts and notifications: It’s next to impossible that the Android application misses any news update. The reason behind this is that notifications appear directly on the home screen. The missed calls alert you by the LED flash. 

Open-source applications: The Android community is a complete package of lakhs of applications and they are free. Thousands of gaming apps offer free games in the Android world. Adding to that, some online sites also give you the tip to play and win online games. 

More smartphones functioning on Android: Big smartphones like Motorola, HTC, Sony Ericsson are utilizing the Android applications. The user can freely utilize the Android smartphone according to his choice. Whereas, iOS is stacked to Apple only. 

Simple to use functionalities: The ROM can be conveniently installed and enhanced by Android-based smartphones. Apart from the availability of customized ROMs, there are different easy functionalities in Android. Furthermore, the Android operating systems interface is very simple in comparison to other operating systems.

The android keyboard is user friendly and very easy to use. You also have the benefit of having emoji keyboard with pre-installed GIF’s as well. You can utilize emoji’s to express emotions clearly. For instance, you can utilize a blush emoji to emphasize a sense of flattery or surprise. Another advantage with the android keyboard is its customizability and easy integration with other 3rd party applications.  

Widgets: The widgets assists in utilizing a variety of settings from the home screen. This makes the design to operate the smartphone very strong. 

Availability of Google services: Google offers an array of services such as Google Drive, Google Reader, Docs, Gmail, which happens to be an aspect of the Android operating system. So reading emails and checking documents becomes very convenient. Also, there are many top secrets that you will get to know once you start using Android. 

These were the few advantages of Android-based applications which have acquired huge popularity across the globe. 

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