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How to hire a good financial advisor?

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Most people face difficulty in hiring a financial advisor for their company. Companies who cannot afford to employee chief financial officer hire a financial consultant [konsultan keuangan, which is the term in Indonesian]. They provide you with effective plans so that you can achieve your goals. The question arises about how you can hire them. First of all, you need to make sure what type of advisory you want from a financial advisor. Is it related to investment, financial, or on income planning? The next step is where you search for a financial advisor. Try to look out for the financial advisors who are associated with a reputable institution. The person you are hiring should be authorized and have a valid license to perform his duties. One of the great ways to find an effective financial advisor is by searching online. There are various financial advisory firms out there offering their services. Filter out the ones you liked and ignore the rest of the ones. Once you have decided to hire a financial advisor. Ask him some questions related to his profession and his record. This will give you a clear image of whether you should hire him or not. Be cautious of frauds and risks and make sure that you do not fall in the pothole.

Should you trust your financial advisor?

A financial advisor is the one who is more close to you than your friend. They have got all the details about your assets and money. The question arises should they be trusted? It is really hard to trust someone when they have access to your all bank account details. Before hiring a financial advisor make sure that he is experienced and have got all the expertise you required. He should be associated with one of the regular authorities as well.

Can you sue your financial advisor?

You can litigate your financial advisor if he is involved in any fraud activity. Though financial advisor works closely with you if your company has suffered losses because of them. You can take legal action against them and demand compensation.

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