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4 Ways Software Has Given Us Access to Our Home While We Are Out

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These days we are able to access our homes while we are on the move. You could be 10,000 miles away in another country and still see what is happening in your living room, take a look at how the garden is getting on, and access your home PC. Thanks to software and smart technology, life has become a whole lot easier with remote access now available to just about anything.

1.     Remote Access to CCTV

Security companies are everywhere these days. One of their main selling points is technology that allows you to view your home CCTV cameras as long as you have access to the application or a web-based login. All your CCTV camera needs is an IP address, a connection to the internet, and away you go. People log on to their app or use a web-based application via an internet browser to access their home cameras. Depending on the quality of your camera, you will be able to see everything in motion or rewind to see past events – if only they could also see the future!

2.     Remotely Setting Alarms, Aircons, and Heating

Another cool remote tool people use via smart technology is software that can remote control heating, lights, air-conditioning units, and even alarms. Some of these devices can even unlock your front door and disarm your alarm so you can let someone in. And with the CCTV in motion, you can watch that person’s every move as they enter your house. This is perfect for delivery men that need to drop off a package while you are not home, and ideal on a cold winter’s day when you are heading home and want to walk into a warm house.

3.     Accessing TV Programs, Films, and Series from Anywhere

We are now spoiled for choice when it comes to streaming movies and TV series. We should also mention sports too if you have an online sports streaming subscription. You can even access your subscriptions from abroad these days too thanks to the release of VPN software. For example, if you have a Netflix subscription, and you want to watch movies in your native language, then all you need to do is use a VPN per Netflix app.

4.     Remote PC Access

Sometimes we leave information on our home PCs because we prefer not to risk having that info on a laptop. However, what happens when you are out and about and need to access those files? Well, today there are tools that will let you access your computer through web-based or in-built mobile applications. As long as your home computer is switched on, then you have access.

You may be wondering why someone would not just keep these files on a cloud storage system, but each to their own. Some people do not want their files on cloud storage and feel much safer knowing they have it on a home PC that they can remotely access.

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