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Best Social Media Apps to Spend Ads On

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Social media platforms are not only for entertainment. Nowadays, it is also used for business purposes. However, it is not only limited to people who can post their products, services, or whatever business they have to offer. They can earn money through online advertisements as well.

Online ads can be seen anywhere when you enter the world wide web. There are different types of online ads, such as pay-per-click ads, digital signages, social ads, display ads, emails, and more. When you click one of these ads, the person or business who posted that ad gets to profit from it. 

Here are some of the best social media apps you can consider to check out to know which social media apps to spend on that will be worthy of your money. Some might be familiar to you, and this article will help you see why it is the best platform to spend ads on. 

Snapchat Stories

If you’re wondering what is Snapchat, it is a social media platform more familiar and accessible to young people. It’s a multi-messaging app where users can exchange messages, photos, videos, events, locations, and more. Pictures and videos are called “Snaps,” and they are posted on a user’s Snapchat Story, or if they want to post it publicly, they can post it on “Our Story.” 

However, new research has proved that the app now has a wide range of users of different age ranges, which is good for businesses. Just like other social media apps, Snapchat also offers advertising. There are Snap Ads that appear to specific Snapchat stories, especially those for celebrities, famous companies, and huge events. An interactive swipe-up in one of those free stories can be compared to a standard pay-per-click rate. This makes it comparable to other apps. 

Snaps will only be visible to followers and the public for 24 hours. For businesses, it’s also good to know that Snapchat is more of a customizable app where users can freely control their privacy and settings. When sending a message, the user may opt to save the thread or delete them once viewed by the receiver. 

Since Snapchat is new and fresh compared to other social media apps, one should not underestimate it because it has nearly about 301 million monthly users. The app now has a very competitive environment and is considered to be one of the top 10 best apps in the world. 


Facebook has got to be the most widely-used social media app for online advertising. The popular social media app has about 2 billion users a month, and it caters to almost a quarter of the world’s population. This statistic provides advertisers with a huge chance of reaching anyone and everyone in the virtual world.

Facebook is the top-leading app when it comes to eCommerce. Advertisers can get leads and email addresses for as low as $1 per email. It is not only a guarantee that an advertiser can reach a point but also it does not cost them that much to get one. 

A Facebook ad also has a high rate of converting ads to landing pages, which will look suitable for the company who posted the ad. Facebook also offers social media advertising campaigns such as eBooks, giveaways, limited-time offers, free shipping, whitepapers, and more. 


Next to Facebook, Instagram is the best social media app to advertise a business. Instagram is Facebook’s biggest rival when it comes to eCommerce, especially when it comes to advertising.

With about 500 million users per month, Instagram certainly has one of the highest and most prominent audience involvement in social media. Since it is a photo and video app, businesses can post their offers more appealingly and creatively. 

If you’re thinking more about the audience impact that your ad will get, Instagram is the best choice for you. Your Instagram ads can have hidden links that can direct one user quickly to your website or landing page. It will be easier for businesses to introduce their products or services to Instagram users and convert them into customers.


Twitter is more like an organic social media app that offers natural audience engagement. Businesses do not need to pay the app to get or reach more followers. The app is also known best for small companies, in which about 60% of the users that buy using Twitter come from small businesses. 

Nowadays, eCommerce companies mainly use Twitter advertisements to encourage business recognition and unique items for immediate sales. The most popular type is Twitter platform packages that host less than 100 characters and show a range of multimedia content.

Final Thoughts

There seems to be no more robust eCommerce business technique than the advertising on social media apps. Since day one, no other pathway can provide accurate, extensible, value clients, and customers, which can complement any advertising branding.

Businesses should choose their social media app wisely. They should also check its advantages and why you should invest your time and money on that platform. Next, run your campaign and post your ads, then wait for the results. 

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