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3 Experiential Marketing Trends to Watch in 2020

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In 2020, it’s no surprise that traditional marketing methods are being phased out in favour of technology-centric marketing efforts. People are interacting with brands and products differently, and therefore, marketing those brands and products requires a modern approach. Here are 3 experimental marketing trends we’re predicting to take off in 2020. It is always important to find new techniques for growth which is why by using a pomodoro timer you will be able to progress faster and maintain a steady pace.

1. Eco-Friendly Events

We’re predicting sustainability to be a huge trend in marketing this year. We already know that Millennials and Gen Z are at the forefront of climate change action and are getting behind brands that are advocating for sustainability. According to events company polite promotions, 2020 will be all about making events and functions eco-friendlier and marketing a brand to advocate for sustainable behaviour changes. 

2. Stay-cation Events

A staycation is when an event is extended into an overnighter experience. We know that consumers are looking for experiences over tangible items – a staycation provides guests with an opportunity for an extended experience with a brand or company. Staycation events also allow for brands to fully engage with attendees, create meaningful connections, and have the guests entirely fully immersed in what the brand has to offer.  

3. Brand Ambassador Engagement

As marketing advances, practices are evolving to suit consumer demands. Marketing has changed to become more technical, immersive, and engaging. The role of a brand ambassador has emerged in the last few years as a progressive and adaptive practice for brands to engage with their customers and create a brand community. We’re predicting this will only become more important over the coming year, with experienced and specialised brand ambassadors becoming essential to marketing a company. 

It’s entirely normal for experiential marketing practices to come and go – the important thing being that event management and marketing teams are able to adapt and adjust with the current trends. While there are many trends coming and going in 2020, staying on top of them and being able to adapt is they key take away.

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