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Use The Five Aspects When Creating Your Next Email Marketing Campaign

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When preparing the email templates for a set of email marketing campaigns, your content copying/writing team should keep in mind with the five aspects. The aspects have the end goal to persuade the reader to take further actions with the emails they have received.

  • An email campaign on personal gain: With this type of email, focus on the benefits, emotions and positive results that will occur after responding to the specific offer.
  • The email that people fear of missing out on something or an occasion which is rather perceived has significant importance. Focus on the undesirable results which could have occurred when no action is taken by the user.
  • An logic email for the left-minded audience: Focus the content with some very concrete reasons why the reader should respond to the message in quantitative terms.
  • An “Are you still doing nothing” type of email: It should have an effect to remind the email recipient that when they are still dealing with their own personal problems or domestic issues, it can be resolved when they take action right now.
  • The “Have you yet?” email: A question should have asked the recipient for what reasons she has not taken action yet. At the same time, it must remind her that responding to the email is more of an urgency, and not a choice.

Before all the above campaigns could have been taken, your business website needs to have a good/great landing page with a solid conversion process. Your main goal is when a user lands on the page, the message on the page would be sufficient to attract the user. You must end up capturing the information of your user (i.e. the email address) by encouraging her to opt-in for an invaluable offer. There are many options to create an invaluable offer for your audience. You may have been already providing some video content or article content to get this user to your landing page.

The offer may be a piece of gated content. The gated content is a piece of content type that is locked – i.e. The user must opt-in (with their real information which is usually a first name and an email address) to be able to consume the gated content. After the opt-in, the user is already in your email marketing process in which you will create a marketing automation process with a tool such as Sendinblue, or other similar email marketing tools. The gated content could be in the format of an eBook, or another video that you have hosted on a logged-in cloud solution. In the email marketing automation process, you could set up three more pieces of bonus content. The bottom line of this is to be built up using the usual content marketing tactics for customer retention.


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