Top Pitfalls of Mobile Archiving

Most companies worldwide now use mobile phones to contact and reach out to more clients, and wired telephones are outnumbered by company-issued phones to employees. But as companies shift to a more fast-paced and digitized way of business, instant message recording and business text archiving have become a trend towards ensuring legal monitoring of employees’ communication at work.

Complexities of Mobile Archiving

In mobile archiving, there are some things to be considered due to differences between Android and iOS devices. Thus, it is correct to say that there is no universal solution to archive messages, but there could be some solutions to be considered.

Over the Top Application

This archiving solution is a “phone within a phone” app that records messages sent through the application and excludes other messages sent through other messaging apps. The good this is it works for both iOS and Android phones.

Mobile Archiving Agent

As its name implies, this mobile application primarily records messages sent through an employee’s phone. This means that it may work on Android devices but definitely won’t work for iOS devices as they highly value data privacy.

In-Network Capture

One good example is the TeleMessage Network Archiver. It directly grabs content from the phone owner’s network and is sent to the TeleMessage archive server. This type of recording system works well with company-issued phones for work purposes, so employees don’t have to worry about the privacy of their phones.

Learn more about these solution through this infographic.