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Six  Social Media Monitoring Tools that You Can Have in Your Company

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Social media monitoring is an essential undertaking in the modern world because it gives a chance for companies to know what customers are saying about their products and services. Using the necessary and most innovative social media monitoring tools, it will be possible for the companies to understand their customers, the market, and competition at greater lengths. Here are some of the most innovative social media monitoring tools that you should have in your business.


Awario is a new tool that is offering companies with more capabilities when it comes to an understanding of what customers are saying in various social media platforms. Awario is a useful tool, especially when it comes to monitoring brand mentions, the overall industry, and the business competitors. One of the standout benefits of Awario is that it offers companies an opportunity to listen to trough voices what customers are saying about their products and services. It is a cheap tool that every company should have.


Brandwatch consists of three tools that can be used for public relations and marketing services. The most useful feature in Brandwatch is that it allows you to target various customers or demographics based on your rules. This is an essential social media monitoring tool because it helps you to understand your customers based on their social media behaviors which differentiate them from other individuals in social media platforms. You can easily track what your customers are saying about and change where necessary.


Hootsuite is not one of the most complex tools that you will ever come across in the industry. However, it offers the most basic services in monitoring, collaboration, and publishing, among others. It is an essential tool that you can use to monitor the trends in various social media platforms and make a critical decision regarding the progress of your company. If you are looking for a tool to help in online reputation, it is essential for you to consider Hootsuite. Plus, this tool also supports adding emojis when you schedule your posts. For example you can easily use Hootsuite to add a wink emoji in your post about something playful and schedule it in advance.


Meltwater is one of the most effective social media intelligence tools that you can get from the industry. This tool has not been designed to offer social media listening services. However, Meltwater is very useful in offering social media management and public relations capabilities to the company. It has advanced features that are very effective in measuring and monitoring you’re the mentions of your keywords across the internet. One of the standout features of Meltwater is that it lets you create a custom dashboard for monitoring purposes.


Talkwalker is one of the most important social media monitoring tools that is currently being used by leading companies in the industry. Talkwalker allows business leaders to track the latest keywords around their mentions. It is also an essential tool in monitoring competitors. Companies using Talkwalker can quickly realize trending topics around their keywords for them to take the available opportunities. This tool goes beyond reporting and can easily present information about a customer’s occupation and interests.


TweetDeck is owned by Twitter, which is one of the leading social media channels. TweetDeck is an all-in-one dashboard that can help individuals to understand their Twitter activities. It is an essential tool in scheduling tweets, managing your inbox, interacting with your feed, and also tracking mentions of your company. The tool’s listening capabilities are limited to Twitter.

These are some of the most important social media tools. You can choose the social media listening tool that meets your tastes and preferences. NetBase is a leading social media analytics company. This organization can guide you on the best social media monitoring tool that will offer comprehensive services to your organization.

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