Recommendation for British Travel to Buy Watches

UK is a very suitable country for traveling. It has retained the ancient buildings, historical civilization and beautiful scenery of the original glorious period. At the same time, UK is a suitable country for shopping. Many luxury goods have objective price advantages over China. Many people will choose to buy a watch while traveling to UK. So which one should I choose when buying Watch in UK ? Some local watch brands in UK are good. Here are some recommendations for buying watches of local brands in UK.

Sekonda Watch

Sekonda is a watch made in the former Soviet Union and ranks first in sales in the UK. After the disintegration of the Soviet Union, Sekonda moved to UK but won the market. Most Sekonda watches cost £50-£60 after discount. The higher-end watches cost £150 or more than £200. However, watch shops on Highstreet encounter special women’s watches of about £30, which are worth buying. Sekonda watch is of reliable quality. It can be the first in watch sales in UK, which is a good proof. The design of Sekonda watches is exquisite and fashionable. It is in line with the taste of the younger generation.


ROTARY watches belong to a brand in UK. The price is similar to that of the low and medium models of Tissot. The men’s watches are exquisite. ROTARY and Sekonda are both traditional watch manufacturers in Europe. The overall style is different. Sekonda really belongs to the “beauty” of typical Russian art. ROTARY is the “classic” of European culture.

Accurist Watch

Accurist watch is a British watch brand. It is slightly more expensive than Sekonda and ROTARY introduced above. Accurist watches is less classic than ROTARY. The most successful ad is the supplier of timing equipment at Greenwich Observatory. The overall watch style is fashionable and is suitable for young people to wear.

Burberry Watch

The well-known Burberry is popular among young man who likes fashion. With a brand history of hundreds of years, it is a luxury brand with strong British culture. For a long time, it has become a synonym for luxury, quality, innovation and eternal classics. Its trench coat is famous all over the world. It is not a professional watchmaking brand. It has attracted the favor of many fashion people with its fashionable and beautiful design.

The price of these watches is not expensive and the quality is guaranteed. After all, the British have higher requirements for the quality of life. Brands with poor quality will soon be eliminated by the market. These brands are still worth buying.