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Mars Rover Mission Released as Virtual Reality VRPresents Technology-Based Software

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2004 began a brand new era in planetary exploration. Two Mars rovers Spirit and Chance arrived effectively at first glance of Mars and some time later began to transmit plenty of images along with other data. The rovers specified for to operate correctly for just 3 months around the Martian surface but, surprisingly, they’re still inside a a healthy body and don’t appear to prevent working. During over 3-year period NASA has gotten a lot of data which are difficult to gift for the broader public. The answer of the problem continues to be supplied by Sciterian Technologies. Its VRPresents technology, especially designed for this function, gives astronomy enthusiasts a brand new interesting method to introduce the earth. You can now simply take an online tour of Mars.

High definition breathtaking pictures of Mars are very hard to view in lots of similar VR technologies, which can notice even at NASA’s internet sites, but VRPresents not just displays these panoramas warped properly, however it provides also lots of other helpful features which make learning scientific results simple and easy , enjoyable.

Virtual reality technologies are the solution to the issue “how you can present complex scientific data and never to bore the most popular man ?”. In VR world you can easily relocate any available direction and find out a multitude of locations which were visited earlier through the rovers. You who decides what to do, things to watch, things to see closer or what information to see. If you wish to see what’s surrounding you, just start turning round. If you’d like to maneuver somewhere within the virtual world – not a problem, simply click a warm place which will give you to a different panorama, as well as your direction in 3D space won’t change enjoy it does in lots of other competitive VR technologies. You don’t have to see any information to understand in which a specific place is and you don’t have to assume each one of these fantastic places at first glance of Mars since you don’t watch just breathtaking images, that are introduced in various projections, however, you see really something such as what you will see standing at first glance of Mars, without distortions.

“VRMars–Spirit — The Red Planet Mars 3D” may be the first VRPresents-based product which is definitely the outcomes of Mars Exploration Rover Spirit Mission using virtual reality, released by Sciterian Technologies. The program is actually interesting. I suggest it-not just for scientists and hobbyists however for school teaching purposes too.

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