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Is Udemy a Better Learning Platform Than Lynda

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The acquired Udemy vs Lynda comparison data was sorted into 8 main areas after an exhaustive and in-depth online learning platform investigation. For your convenience, the basic overview table below displays the brief verdict at a glance. We can see from the total score of this Udemy vs Lynda.com comparison that Udemy has a higher rating than Lynda, with a score of 9.4. Lynda.com has received an overall rating of 8.0.

Online course platforms are quickly becoming one of the most popular web tools. As a result, we’ll concentrate on two of the most prominent platforms today: Udemy and Lynda (LinkedIn Learning). Both platforms provide rapid and easy access to a variety of educational resources, making them popular among students all around the world.

Udemy and Lynda provide a large course library to help you improve your knowledge in any subject. Furthermore, the lessons are widely available due to their flexible pricing structure. We compared your chosen companies – Udemy vs Lynda – with the top-rated platform Udemy to help you choose the correct online learning platform faster. This well-known online learning platform received the highest overall rating of 9.8. When the overall scores of various platforms are compared, it’s evident that Udemy comes out on top.


Udemy’s user interface is straightforward, allowing for easy interaction with the system. All of the lessons, as well as their subcategories, are included on the main page. Users can search and pick courses using a convenient drop-down menu on the platform. To make it easier to choose, all lessons feature previews, requirements, and feedback.


Lynda is an online business, design, and technology training platform that teaches you how to flourish in your field. You’ll have a good understanding of the web and how it operates by the end of this course. Lynda is for those who wish to establish a business or grow their online presence. With Lynda, you get to create something unique and wonderful.

Udemy vs. Lynda: Access and Membership


When you purchase a course on Udemy, you are not given a deadline to complete it. Once you’ve paid for a course, you’ll have access to it and its materials for the rest of your life. This is advantageous since people may learn and complete the course at their leisure and their own pace. They do not need to rush through the course to finish it.


Lynda is a subscription-based learning portal. They offer a 30-day trial period during which you can try out the site. If you’re interested, you can choose the Monthly Subscription option. You can access over 12,000 courses in five languages after purchasing this subscription: Japanese, German, English, French, and Spanish. A subscriber has unlimited access to courses. Every week, new lessons are launched, providing clients with a wide range of options as well as limitless skill development.

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