Distribution is the illegality and not the watching

The IPTV streaming in itself is not illegal, but the person who is redistributing and broadcasting to the audience is the one committing the illegality. When you view the content via streaming, it is not illegal, but if you download the content and then distribute it, then you are committing illegality. 

Pros and cons of IPTV 

With HD IPTV, you will be able to watch channels in high definition, and that is one of the main advantages that is making people switch from traditional television to IPTV. The following are other pros and cons that are brought about by IPTV services:


Interactive TV guide: It is an advantage over traditional cable television as you can get a program schedule for all the channels. Each day’s channels are accurately displayed when it will start and end. It also has a schedule for programs for other days in advance.

Available on all devices:You can access the IPTV on a variety of devices that you have in your household. When you down the application from your service provider, you can readily log onto the tablet or phone and watch an episode that you love while you sit or cook. You can download the app on your smart tv and watch it from there. 

Additional STB devices:It comes in handy if you have various televisions in the house where you can watch IPTV from.

Recording content:In case you are unable to watch a series, event, movie or anything else on the television, then you have the option of checking the recording of the content to view it some other time when it is right for you. The recording is not something that is limited to a single channel, but you can schedule for various channels at the same time. 

Video on demand: The option for video on demand is a modern version of the video club, allowing you to be able to rent series, movies, show, or concert direct at whatever time of the day for a subscription that is affordable.  The categories are divided into genres and categories, making it easier to find what you are looking for. There is a certain category that contains new releases, but also a search that is detailed of the many parameters like the director, age, title, the name of the actor, and much more. 


It depends on the speed of the internet:  IPTV utilizes the same technology, just like another type of data that is used to receive and send information. It means that the tv might experience delays or losses occasionally. If your connection is not fast, then chances of having a bad experience are definite.

Lists of suspicious origin:  There are free to air and paid legal channels on IPTV, but most of the IPTV lists tend to have suspicious origins. In some cases, there is illegal playback of series and movies, on IPTV streamingis redirected illegally by the user who has a contract with the service. In most cases, money is charged. Some of the content is directly tapped from the air or recorded from an IPTV user who is a legal record and then resends illegally.Websites: At times, some of the sites contain spyware, Trojans, as well as advertisements, making cryptocurrency miners which end up being installed on your computer.