1Weather – Android Weather Forecast

Now a day’s weather is unpredictable. We cannot predict exactly how weather will act according to the month and the season of the year. So, it is better to keep a precise weather predictor with us all most all the time to plan our future activities very easily. There are hundreds of weather forecasting apps you can have for your Android. 1Weather is a nicest weather forecasting app you can have for your Android.

About 1Weather

This simply can identify as weather forecasting app. It helps you to know about the upcoming weather phenomenon by glancing once on your Android screen. This allows you to take a glance at all the weather parameters you would like to know.

No matter where you are you can keep up-to-dated with all the weather incidents happening around you. this can identify as one of the precise weather forecasting apps you can have for free. You can download the app freely from any of the app stores you like including acmarket and Google Play Store.

Features of Weather APK

This can give data on around 15 weather parameters. This gives predictions about most of the weather parameters including rainfall or precipitation, temperature, sun rising and sun set times, doppler radars, adverse weather conditions like tornados, floods, wind speed, UV index, humidity, atmospheric pressure and so on.
The app lets you to have a glance on detailed weather forecasts hourly. Also, this can predict the weather for about 12 weeks. This makes it very easy to plan your future.

You can plan an outdoor gathering, trip or anything you wish based on this weather forecasting app. Using the app, you can save different locations which you visit more frequently to have quick glance.

This lets you to know about real-time weather parameters no matter where you are. You have to allow the app to access your location for this. by following your location, you can know about the weather along your journey too. You can prepare for the upcoming weather phenomenon very easily if you have this app with you.

The app widget is very attractive and it energizes your home screen. You can have a clear idea about weather quickly thanks to this sharp widget. The interface of the app is also very simple but beautiful.

The weather graphs and the weather maps are very easy to understand and read. Can updated with latest weather news also through the app.

1Weather app is customizable where you can change the theme and there are around 10+ customizable widgets to select from.Want a precise weather reader then download this nice app on your Android too. You can check for other competitive weather apps like Windyty.