What is Torrenting? 

Torrenting has been introduced from the past several decades. But in the past several years, it has gained a lot of popularity. The torrent users use this technology to download the files. It is important to know about torrenting because incomplete knowledge is a dangerous thing. In several years, it has been observed that if you have lesser knowledge about torrenting, it can put a lot of pressure on your head. It usually includes, legal trouble, data security, system exploit the vulnerability, a malware infection. In this article, you will get to know about what exactly torrenting and Reddit best VPN for torrenting is. 

Before getting into details, let’s know what torrenting is and how it is beneficial for you to use. 

Torrenting is the process of sharing the files with other users. Unlike other technology, the user does not have to depend upon the single website or single source for downloading and sharing the files. With this technology, you will not be able to share and download the file from one particular source only but you can download and share the files from other torrent facilitated platforms. 

Through the torrent platform, you can choose and download the file easily. Although, there are several options if you want to download and share the file with the users. But why torrent is the most preferred one? 

Why torrent is the best platform to choose? 

As already said, there are enormous options to choose from. But people prefer either torrent or direct downloading from the source. Why? Several reasons are discussed in this piece of content

Free of cost: 

Firstly, one of the greatest reasons is free of cost. It is not wrong to say that this platform is free to use and you do not have to pay even a single penny for it. If this platform does not charge anything then why would people go to another platform? 

No support required: 

While downloading the larger files, another software slows down and it has to be supported by the other servers. But it is not in the case of torrenting. No matter how bigger the file is, the server will never go down. 

Easy to use: 

Unlike other software, you do not have to stick to a place until the downloading completes. In torrenting, you can not only pause the downloading process but you can resume it whenever you want. 

In the nutshell, it is good but you can make it better by using it with the Reddit best VPN for torrenting.