Top-3 File Converters in 2020

These days, file conversion is one of those things that everyone knows about. There are also all sorts of online options to help you convert files from one type to another as you need them.  If you’re feeling a little overwhelmed by the sheer list of options and you want some advice to help you choose correctly, use the list below to give you the right start. 

What is a online file converter?

Before you can find the right file converter, it’s important to know what the right professional file converter can do for you. At its base, a file converter is going to take a file in one format (let’s say a TXT file) and then convert it into another format (DOCX, for instance).  This process is done online on their server, is fast, streamlined and secure so that you can rely on it for both personal and commercial use.  Since they are designed to be used online entirely, they will work on all operating systems!

3 best online file converters

There are way more than 3 options for file conversion in 2020, but you deserve a guide to help you find the simplest and the best converters.  After all, what good is your choice if you download a virus every time you download the finished conversion?  These are safe and secure converters that will protect your computer’s safety. 

  1. AnyConv: Used for all sorts of conversions, including file conversions, this is your fastest and best choice for file converting online. It will give you all sorts of formats on both the starting and end point of your converter, as well as do it securely and quickly. This is often the preferred one by users who have tried them all before. 
  1. CloudConvert: This is open source design and it is going to give you a similar breadth of options for file conversions. You can use this online and upload files from your computer as well as though your favourite online document hubs, you can enjoy both a free version as well as a paid version if you are looking to use this for high volume, commercial purposes. It’s nice to have the option to switch back and forth and scaling as your needs do.  
  1. Online-Convert: From one need nad format to another, Online-Convert is focused on free file conversion as well. Everyone is done online and you will have all of your options listed to you in a 2-column format where you choose the final target format and go. For those that like the streamlined simple page design, this is especially helpful at getting it done quickly and efficiently. 

While all of these operate a little differently, they’re all focused on giving the user the best experiencer in trustworthy file conversion, however they define it.  While everyone’s preference is going to be different, all 3 of these are certainly must-try options where you’ll be able to make your own personal opinion after you’ve seen them all in action.