The best platform to create your Website- Shopify versus Wix?

When you decide to launch an online e-commerce website, you will have plenty of choices for the platforms to choose from the list. And one of the most common or preferred solutions that you could get is Wix vs Shopify, and here we give you the complete comparison that can help you understand the features of both and you get to know which will suit your needs best. 

A Complete Overview: 

One of the first things or these platform creators did provide a platform to the people having little or no experience to create a website and allow them to sell their products. 

Shopify has served millions of businesses and has generated $55 billion in revenue, and is creating its presence all over the Internet websites and running. On the other hand, Wix also has a huge count of businesses and provides an effective solution to every scale of companies. 

With Shopify, you get to create an online store, and it also offers great content management features. With Wix, you get to develop every sort of website and not just for sales and can market any of your products. You can make people invest in your ideas with the superb content management features with the optional sales-focused features that you can integrate if you wish to. 


The best feature that you could get is the free availability of the platforms and trial periods. Comparing Wix vs Shopify, you get a completely free plan with Wix, and for Shopify, you get a two-week free period trial. But with the free of cost platform, you get the limited functionality with Wix as you cannot sell anything even after you create a full fletched website or you can’t connect a domain to it. But it’s an attractive deal to try out the platform before you get to purchase it. 

Premium plans: Wix has broadly categorized the eight available plans under two categories: “Website or Business and E-commerce.”

The website plan may cost you anywhere between $13 to $39 per month, and Business and E-commerce range from $23 to $500 per month. 

Shopify, on the other hand, has five categories to choose from, and that can range from $9 to $2000 per month. 

You can check out the features each one of them has for you, and you can decide to go with the one that fits your budget and your plans.