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Industries that are most at the risk of security breaches

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Data breaches are now a real thing. What earlier was just a concept has now become as real as any other thing. The only difference between being physically robbed and data breach is that in a data breach, a company will lose not only its money but also clients.

It has become necessary for businesses to implement ways through which they can become more secure and protect themselves against such breaches. A solid cybersecurity system is a major requirement in today’s time. But one of the essential things to note is that the threat of security breaches also varies depending on the industry it has been occurring.

Comparatively, financial, health and government sources are the most prone to such cybersecurity threats. The security breach happening in these areas is very high and risky. Although most of the industries are affected by the breach, certain ones are more likely to be breaches and affected.

Some of the most prominent industries that are to be highly affected by the data breach include the following.


One report suggests that once a number of Americans had all their medical details exposed due to the threat of cybercrime. While one may be confused about why anyone would hack medical institutions, it is necessary to note that these can bring about severe financial gains.

Healthcare organizations are the ones that are mostly attacked. The Anthem Medical Data breach of February 2015 had affected more than 78 million people leading to a financial loss of $115 million.

Public sector

The public sector is also one of the most common industries to be affected. While most people attack government websites for financial gains, there are a number of them who do it only for fun. The lack of investment in the cybersecurity sector has caused major loss.

The industries and government sectors these days have been spending excessively on the IT sector to protect themselves against security breaches. Phishing and scamming can lead to severe loss.


Fraudulent activities in the retail sector are common. The skimmers around have played an important role in playing people. The retailers often do not keep a track record of the payment and do not monitor the activities as well. Thus, it is not hard for traders to gain access to personal credit card information.

Companies with sensitive data are at the threat of being breached. Whatever is the reason for the security breach, it can be controlled with security precautions.

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