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How to beat the competition and land on Google’s first page today

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It is a dream of every blogger to reach the first page of Google. It is not as easy as it seems. But if you use the right strategy, it may not be that hard as well. Everyday hundreds of websites get launched. According to a study, 27 million content pieces are shared every day. Now you might wonder how you can go past so much competition. Well here are a few quick tips to guide you.

Tips to land on the first page of Google

Landing on Google first page[หน้า แรก google, which is the term in Thai] is something that almost every blogger wants. But it is not possible for everyone to rank on the first page for one particular keyword. Here are few tips you can use to reach the top spot:

  • Do some keyword research. Use tools like Google Suggest. It would tell you some longtail keywords other than regular and broad ones. For example, ‘weight loss’ is a broad keyword while ‘instant weight loss for working mothers’ is a longtail keyword. It is easier to rank for such longtail keywords and they may sound a bit off. But Google is suggesting those means that people are searching for them.
  • Work on the content. The more time people spend on your webpage the higher you will get. Most of the content on first page is not that good. You can always create something better.

Do not focus too much on the linkbuilding

Linkbuidling is essential for SEO but try not to spam. Too many backlinks from one blog means nothing at all. Google only counts the first backlink as a vote for your blog and if you use too much backlinks, it will flag it as spam.

Try to get just a few high quality backlinks from good sites only. Follow these tips and you will be ahead of 90% of the competition.

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