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All You Need to Know About Postal Validation

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Sending a post to the wrong address can be troublesome for both the sender and the receiver. It’s a mishap that causes time, money, and effort, and puts both parties in an undesirable position. When postal addresses are incorrect or unverified, such unfortunate events become probable. In the case of businesses especially, such an event can lead to customer dissatisfaction which affects the credibility of a brand. 

The key to avoiding these instances is by getting one’s postal address verified. 

What is postal validation?

Postal validation, also known as address verification, is the simple step of checking the validity of a physical address and getting it verified to ensure that emails are sent from and received at the correct address. This is an essential requirement for business organizations since it not only improves its trustworthiness in the eyes of customers but also enhances its potential for domestic as well as global trade. 

The factors that determine whether a postcode is valid are:

  • The postal data provides a legitimate code 
  • The postal code for the city or town mentioned in the address is accurate

Why should I get my postal address verified? 

Besides saving time and money and preventing the trouble of misplaced mails, postal validation reaps the following benefits: 

Enhanced ROI 

Misplacing mail can be a costly mishap since it requires resending the mail to the receiver. This requires additional funds on postage and address correction fines. By validating one’s postal address, such casualties can be prevented entirely which in turn ensures that the ROI of a business is optimized. 

Improves credibility and customer satisfaction

Delayed deliveries or misplaced mails are not desirable records to have in a company’s books. If an unhappy customer leaves negative feedback about their experience on a public forum, it can lead to a dramatic fall in the company’s reputation. Moreover, customer dissatisfaction hampers a brand’s credibility and reduces the chances of customers ordering from a brand again. Availing postal validation services is the sure-fire way of preventing such disasters. 

Faster delivery 

Providing the correct address facilitates faster delivery since it enables the delivery valets to immediately recognize and understand which route to take to reach the destination. No extra time needs to be spent on checking the address for accuracy which saves time. Faster deliveries also go a long way in boosting customer experience. 

Features of postal validation

  • Postal list cleansing – This ensures that the address is accurate by correcting spelling errors and typographical mistakes
  • Supplementing – This feature completes the address by inputting missing components
  • Formatting – Through the methods of parsing and formatting, this feature ensures that the data is provided in the correct format in terms of the order, names, and abbreviations

Possessing a valid postal address is extremely necessary for organizations that partake in trade. It allows customers’ locations to be registered promptly which further facilitates faster delivery and boosts customer satisfaction. 

In recent times, the procedure of postal validation has become increasingly simple and there is an abundance of companies that provide postal validation services. It can be performed easily by using either a bulk upload or API to gain an updated postal address. Ensuring that a postal address is correct and deliverable enables organizations to operate without any dilemma or worries, and also contributes toward building a positive brand reputation in the long run.

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